Mission Statement

The mission of Ferrara’s Beauty School is to provide our students with a quality education, through theory and hands-on learning. The educational programs strive to develop and achieve both professional and personal goals successfully. At the completion of the course our students will have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be able to pass the New York State Board exam and seek entry level employment in the appearance enhancement field. We are committed to producing qualified graduates and aid them with gainful employment in the Cosmetology Industry.

Purpose and Philosophy

Our purpose and philosophy, is to offer the latest in Cosmetology Education Classes, which will center on the objective of developing student's proficiencies, goals and attitudes, through industry related educational experiences.

We recognize the impact that their educational pursuits will bear on their future livelihood. Our main objective is to prepare each student to realize their full potential and succeed as we also recognize the importance of training each and every student to successfully graduate, gain licensure (if applicable), and become gainfully employed in their chosen industry if they want employment.

We will make every effort throughout your educational process to help you achieve your specific goals and benchmarks on your way to graduation. Choosing Ferrara's Beauty School will be the first step toward your personal success of your chosen future endeavors, Congratulations!

Professionals must have the latest skills in order to compete in today's cosmetology environment.